How to configure installation, help

Feb 3, 2014 at 10:15 AM
Edited Feb 5, 2014 at 11:28 AM
Hello guys,

To not disturb orbitone team with boring questions, i will ask here :

1/ What do I need exactly? I tried with an only 2008R2 without success and i tried with 7 VHDs from microsoft available here ( but same result when following the installation guide.

2/ How many servers do I need exactly? Which ? And with which components ? UCMA on Front-End Server?

3/ The service has to be on the Front-End Server ? The IIS also has to be on the Front-End Server ?

4/ In installation guide, to be sure:

•When doing this : New-CsTrustedApplicationPool –Identity –Registrar –Site 1. => I need to put my domain instead ? And brain80, what is this ?

•When requesting certificate like that : Request-CsCertificate -NEW -Type default -CA "\xxxxx" –Verbose.
xxxxx is also my domain name ?

•When doing this : New-CsTrustedApplication -ApplicationID "yourapplicationid" -TrustedApplicationPoolFqdn "" -port 10607. What is "yourapplicationid" and port has to be changed?

•When doing this : New-CsTrustedApplicationEndPoint -ApplicationId "urn:application:yourapplicationid" -TrustedApplicationPoolFqdn "" -SipAddress -DisplayName "Lync Presence Service". Same question: What is "applicationid", "frontend", ""?

•On which server I have to create account service?
Because "RTC Local Read-only Administrators" and "SQLServerMSSQLUser$SERVERNAME$RTCLOCAL" do not exist on my server... There is only "RTC Local Administrator" and the other isn't on the server....

Sorry, I know my questions could be boring but I think I do not really understand the topology.

Thanks in advance,