lync service user sip account

Feb 26, 2013 at 4:04 PM
Following the documentation, I added the cstrustedapplication and endpoint using the sip address "" -- lyncpresence is the ad account that runs the application pool.

Nothing seems to work and reading it seems that the above needs to be a real lync user. But now I cannot enable in Lync as I get the error: filter failed to return unique result ,"[SipAddress:sip...

If I remove the endpoint then I can enable in link but then cannot add the endpoint.

Any thoughts? Is simply adding the endpoint per the documentation enough or do I really need to have them in lync? It seems I cannot do both.

Any help would be
Feb 26, 2013 at 9:08 PM
As to the web.config -- I think this matches what others have posted as to being right but I don't get accurate presence information.


Returns: {"Availability":0,"CanChat":false,"ContactName":"Unknown","Email":null,"JobTitle":null,"Mobile":null,"Phone":null,"SipUri":"","Status":"Unknown","SubscriptionCreated":"\/Date(1361912817654-0600)\/"} I used the sip address you see in web.config to create the cstrustedendpoint so I cannot enable them in Lync as a real user. I am still not sure if this needs a real Lync user.

Any help will be appreciated.
 <add key="LyncServer" value=""/>
<add key="LyncServerPort" value="10607"/>
<!-- presence -->
<add key="ApplicationId" value="urn:application:fastenallync"/>
<add key="ApplicationName" value="fastenallync"/>
<add key="TrustedContactURI" value=""/>
<!-- chat -->
<add key="ChatUserSip" value=""/>
<add key="ChatUserName" value="Lync Presence Service"/>
<add key="ChatUserPass" value=""/>
<add key="ChatUserDomain" value=""/>
<add key="ChatTimeoutSeconds" value="60"/>