RemotePresenceView_PresenceNotificationReceived never called in production environment

Jul 11, 2012 at 10:36 AM

Following the guidelines on the home page of the project, first some praise:

I have the lync widget running in my test environment. I find it both very functional and easy to adopt the javascript and html setup to fit our needs. It's also gives an great example about using lync in a situation where client and server are not permanently connected.

Now my problem :(.

As I said I have it working in my test environment. I however cannot seem to get it working in the production environment. It is installed and the logs show no errors and good startup. The service provides presensce information. However, the information is never updated beyond the initial presence information. I added some extra log lines to the code (no vs on production) and have come to the conclusion that RemotePresenceView_PresenceNotificationReceived event handler is never called in the production environment. Thus there is never new info from the server. Yet The log shows the service initializes fine. There are enough try/catch clauses in the code to think that if startup failed it would show in the logs

If anyone could supply me with possible reasons why I would get not presence updates from my lync server in an otherwise functioning situation, I would have something to research.

only log entries are

2012-07-11 10:55:09,423 [29] INFO  Lync.Widget.Service.Service [(null)] - LyncWidget service starting up
2012-07-11 10:55:09,890 [6] INFO  Lync.Widget.Service.Presence.UcmaHelper [(null)] - The platform is now started.
2012-07-11 10:55:09,891 [6] INFO  Lync.Widget.Service.Presence.UcmaHelper [(null)] - ApplicationEndpointOwnerDiscovered event was raised during startup of the CollaborationPlatform.
2012-07-11 10:55:09,894 [6] INFO  Lync.Widget.Service.Presence.UcmaHelper [(null)] - Endpoint state changed from Idle to Establishing. Reason = None.
2012-07-11 10:55:10,601 [34] INFO  Lync.Widget.Service.Presence.UcmaHelper [(null)] - Endpoint state changed from Establishing to Established. Reason = None.
2012-07-11 10:55:10,602 [34] INFO  Lync.Widget.Service.Presence.UcmaHelper [(null)] - Application Endpoint successfully established
2012-07-11 10:55:10,606 [29] INFO  Lync.Widget.Service.Presence.UcPresenceProvider [(null)] - UcPresenceProvider started
2012-07-11 10:55:10,609 [29] INFO  Lync.Widget.Service.Service [(null)] - LyncWidget service started successfully

Aug 21, 2012 at 9:00 PM

I had the same problem as you describe: everything works fine on a development environment but when setting up a production environment it did not work.  No errors in the logs.  In my case I was not able to get any presence information and my RemotePresenceView_PresenceNotificationReceived event handler was never fired in the production environment.

I finally solved it by doing two things:

1) I ran the Lync Server Logging Tool analyzer (snooper).  It showed a ms-diagnostics: 1003;reason="User does not exist";TargetUri=".... error.  This turned out to be a typo when setting up the user account associated with the sip presense uri.

2) I had incorrectly set my trusted application endpoint sip address to a .local address instead of a .com address when using the New-CSTrustedApplicationEndpoint Lync Cmdlets.

Once I had these two things worked out everything started working in my production environment.  I hope those things might give you clues to figure out your situation.